Phonar Project Summary.

Project I Lived Here is a project created by me in response to a Phonar task. This involves collecting photos and stories of people’s childhood homes to create an online exhibition of all the places we once lived. I recently moved out of my childhood home and found the experience devastating. By photographing it, I kept a connection with my house so I didn’t feel like I was losing it as much, I lived there and that’s something that can never be changed. This got thinking about other people’s experiences with their childhood homes and thought it would be interesting to create a collection of images and experiences based on the places we once lived.

If you want to get involved, send me photos or stories of your childhood home to [as well as your old address] these can be old photos or new ones if you’ve revisited your old home. It doesn’t have to be a standard photo of the building if you don’t want it to be and you can be in the photo. If you have any stories about your home, or soundscapes, please include those too, written or recorded. 

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